Business Strong Learning

J|W|Y Business Enterprises

(“Developing Business Strong Enterprises”)

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ConsultIO™ (Business and Management Consulting) powered by Work@Vantage® LMS

Guiding clients in business decision making processes, business research and development, and strategy by determining, acquiring, analyzing – synthesizing, and disseminating relevant business insights and data through strategic business planning and financial projections learning.


EnterprisIO™ (Enabling Investors and Opportunity) powered by Work@Vantage® LMS

offers a comprehensive business evaluation with a complementary customized report and diagnosis of issues pertaining business valuation and capital investment needs through corporate learning and certification programs.


AcademIO™ (Corporate Learning Management and Development) 

("Designing Corporate Training”) powered by Work@Vantage® LMS 

Corporate learning development and e-learning solutions for effective business outcomes. 

Developing business and L&D products to inspire corporate learning and processes effectively. Developing innovative organizational strategies applying proven technological solutions to contemporary enterprise challenges in the workplace though training.